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No one else offers No Credit Needed financing with this kind of personal freedom. Snap gives you more! When you’re ready to purchase, show your phone to the cashier and they’ll key in your card number to complete your purchase. It’s that easy!

Our Financing Programs

At Ron’s we understand that the last few years have been challenging and unexpected car repairs were not part of the budget. Because we are always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers we have  partnered with Synchrony (formerly GE Capital) and Snap! Finance to offer alternative payment options to our customers. Now it is possible to qualify for standard funding with attractive payment options to help finance your auto repairs. Feel free to review the options online or call and we can help determine the best program for you.

Snap! Finance offers an easy application process to be approved for up to $3000 quickly, regardless of your credit. They have up to an 80% approval rate, and are fast, flexible, and friendly.

Financing available through Synchrony

Get the credit to buy what you need. Synchrony’s site makes it quick, safe and simple to apply for financing from businesses you know and trust nationwide. In addition to the easy online enrollment, our financing options continue to be user friendly. Find out quickly if you qualify and then set up a payment plan choosing from a lump sum, an installment plan or auto-pay. The choice is yours and that allows you to be in control.